Writing Prize Winners 2014-2015

Thanks to a very generous gift from the Granader Family, Sweetland’s prizes for outstanding writing in First-Year and Upper-Level Writing Requirement courses receive a significant monetary award along with having their work published in a series that collects the prize-winning writing in two volumes, Excellence in First-Year Writing and Excellence in Upper-Level Writing. Writing Prize winners were recognized at a ceremony in April 2015.

First-Year Writing Prizes

Matt Kelley/Granader Family Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing

Anna Silver “The Force of Violence; The Power of Forgiveness” nominated by Carrie Wood, Great Books 191

Ardie Kamran “Keep Walking, Just Don’t Cry!” nominated by Scott Beal, LHSP 125

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Multilingual Writing

Xiaoman Gan “Socializing is Not an Easy Thing” nominated by Scott Beal, Writing 120

Ziyan Yang “The Power of Attitude in Comparative Advertising” nominated by Lori Randall, Writing 120

Granader Family Prize for Outstanding Writing Portfolio

Akemi Tsutsumi “Akemi Tsutsumi’s E-Portfolio” nominated by Gina Brandolino, Writing 100

Kate Vogel “Kate’s Collection” nominated by Jennifer Metsker, Writing 100

First-Year Writing Prizebook (pdf) | Amazon

Upper-Level Writing Prizes

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Sciences)

Anna Clinger “Tracking Seasonal Evolution of Subglacial Transport System at the Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska, USA” nominated Sarah Aciego, Earth 442: Earth Surface Processes and Soils

Katherine Dougan “Effect of variable reproductive output and connectivity on populations of a host fish and its bacterial symbiont, with implications for future climate change” nominated by Ingrid Hendy, Earth 333: The Inexhaustible Seas? Marine Resources and Environmental Issues

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Social Sciences)

Grace Judge “Detroit Bankruptcy and Redistribution” nominated by Mika LaVaque-Manty, PolSci 381: Political Science Research Design

Erica Mirabitur “Sense and Sensitivity: Theories and Empirics of Inflation Aversion at the Populace Level” nominated by Robert Franzese, PolSci 343: Comparative Political Economy of Developed Democracies

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Humanities)

Katherine Koziara “President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address” nominated by Shelley Manis, Writing 420: Minor in Writing Capstone

Teresa Mathew “Pulling Off Desire” nominated by John Rubadeau, English 425: The Art of the Essay

Upper-Level Writing Prizebook (pdf) | Amazon