New Resources for Teaching Multimodal Literacy

Though there are many resources available on how to teach writing, the Sweetland Teaching Resources provide instructors with accessible information about discrete aspects of writing instruction, often born out of patterns of requests from instructors across the university. The resources provide guidance on topics ranging from assigning low-stakes writing to implementing student peer review to providing feedback on student writing.


Our resources are all grounded in recent research and highly accessible. The goal of each resource is to provide an overview of best practices and then a menu of several practical options for instructors on each topic. They also frequently provide scaffolding models as well as supplemental handouts that can be used in class.

This year we added two new resources based on emerging practices in the classroom: Supporting Multimodal Literacy and Teaching with ePortfolios. Since so many courses are assigning analyses of genres incorporating more than text, such as advertisements and photojournalism, we saw a need for a resource that could clarify and simplify methods for helping students analyze multimodal/multimedia genres. ePortfolios have expanded beyond the writing classroom and become a central practice of many courses, departments, and schools on campus, including the Dental School and the Nursing School. Our new resource provides wide-ranging practical advice for teaching ePortfolios, from the assignment- to the course- to the department/school-level.

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