New Instructional Resources for Teaching Writing

To support faculty developing and teaching ULWR courses – and all faculty teaching writing at U-M – Sweetland has continued to build out its instructional resources on the Teaching Resources page of its website. Over the summer, a working group of Sweetland faculty, including Shelley Manis and Jennifer Metsker, developed new resources on Effective Assignment Sequencing for Scaffolding Learning and Integrating Low-Stakes Writing in Large Classes.


The group also substantially expanded existing resources on Giving Feedback on Student Writing, by adding a new section on grading rubrics, and Using Peer Review to Improve Student Writing, with a new section on full-class peer review workshops. Additionally, the summer working group on multilingual writing, composed of Sweetland faculty Simone Sessolo, Jing Xia, and Lori Randall, developed resources for faculty on Providing Grades and Feedback to Multilingual Students, along with resources on several other topics.

Visit the Teaching Resources page to browse all of these materials. Writing resources for students (including handouts for use in classes that assign writing) are available on the Writing Guides page of Sweetland’s website.

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