National Day on Writing

This year, in celebration of the National Day on Writing (October 20th), the Sweetland Center’s Writer to Writer committee collected over 200 thank you notes addressed  to our good friend, Writing, for whatever the wonderful things it has done for us. “Why?,” you might ask. Though we’ve enjoyed holding digital challenges in the past few years, we wanted to see if there was anything to the newly percolating theory that we’re “post-digital.” Ok, probably not, but we do know that there’s pleasure in returning to pen and paper forms, and Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” segments have paved the way for a range of responses. We hoped we’d collect enough cards to deck the halls of Sweetland with them, and did we ever! Students who visited the Writing Workshop and Peer Writing Centers, as well as students in Sweetland faculty’s classes and many other visitors to the Center, wrote notes ranging from utmost sincerity to tongue-in-cheek parody.  One that we loved ironically “thanked” Writing for things like making them stay up all night–among other things about Writing that can drive the best of us to distraction–but still ultimately came around to an honest expression of gratitude for every now and then making sense and signed it, “a fan.” People thanked Writing for introducing them to their favorite authors, connecting them to professors and other students they feel kinship with, for getting them scholarships, and even in some cases for saving their lives.

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