Sweetland Interns

Sweetland Interns

Over the summer, interns Clint Rooker and Ashley Bishel had the opportunity to work with Sweetland faculty on projects aimed at better understanding and improving the Peer Writing Consultant Program and the Minor in Writing.

One of their projects was assisting with an assessment of the Peer Writing Consultant Program. Using  data collected by Sweetland and information from the University Registrar, they analyzed the demographics of Peer Writing Center (PWC) users, measured student learning outcomes, and examined client evaluations to determine what writers found valuable about their sessions. Their findings were included in the overall Peer Writing Center Assessment Report . Clint and Ashley hope that their work will help inform future consultants to improve the PWC experience for all student writers.

Another major project was creating a “Guidebook” for current and prospective Minor in Writing (MiW) students. Ashley and Clint reviewed past Minor in Writing faculty materials and eportfolios and noted the most useful information for MiW students. After collecting this information, they revised and compiled it into an interactive blog post housed on the Minor in Writing blog. The guidebook outlined information to help students successfully navigate the minor, and also linked to exemplary past work done by MiW students. These were not only examples of projects that fulfilled the goals of the minor in writing, but included interactive annotations describing why these projects were successful. They hope that the guidebook will help the new cohort of MiW students plan ahead for, and successfully develop, the various curricular elements of the Minor.

Clint and Ashley found the internship opportunity very rewarding, as they were able to experience the behind the scenes work that goes into Sweetland and its programs. Whether they were performing outreach to summer courses, examining data in Excel, or brainstorming new ways to present student resources, Clint and Ashley enjoyed giving back to Sweetland and hope the work they accomplished will help these programs continue to grow.

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