Granader Family Prizes for Writing

Thanks to a very generous gift from the Granader Family, Sweetland’s prizes for outstanding writing in First-Year and Upper-Level Writing Requirement courses now carry a significant monetary award. The first group of students to receive this new level of award were recognized at a ceremony in April 2014.

In addition to receiving the award, each of the winners is published in a series that collects the prize-winning writing in two volumes, Excellence in First-Year Writing and Excellence in Upper-Level Writing. Hard copy versions of these collections are also available on (First-Year and Upper-Level). PDF versions of both of these collections of outstanding student work are available below.

First-Year Writing Prizes

Granader Family Prize for Outstanding Writing Portfolio
Christopher J. Zysnarski – Writer’s Home
Writing 100 (nominated by Liliana Naydan)

Neila Fraiha – neila100
Writing 100 (nominated by Liliana Naydan)

Matt Kelley/Granader Family Prize for Excellence in First Year Writing
Sin Ye Hwang – The Struggle of a Lonely Banana

Comparative Literature 122 (nominated by Hilary Levinson)

Callie Chappell – Oedipus Tyrannus on Causality, Determinism, and Identity
Great Books 191 (nominated by Matthew Cohn)

Upper-Level Writing Prizes

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (humanities)
Rebecca Bonner
Women, Family Policy, and Consumption in Cold War Germany
History 496, Germany in the Cold War Era (nominated by Rita Chin)

James Nadel
Camel Songs: A Comparison of the Tuareg and the Bedouin
History 496, Nomads: Nomadic Factor in History (nom. by Ellen Poteet)

Granader Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (social sciences)
Maximilian Huppertz
A Fair System of Education
ECON/PHIL 408 (nominated by Frank Thompson)

Sarah N. Cunningham
Record Keeping in Ancient Civilizations
Anthrarc 386, Archaeology of Early Civilizations (nominated by Carla Sinopoli)

Granader Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (sciences)
Alexandra R. Berns
Increasing Crop Growth: The Effect of Compost on the Growth of Ryegrass, Lolium perenne
EEB372, General Ecology Lab (nominated Lynn Carpenter)

Nicholas Kern
A New Class of Supergiant Stars?
Astro 429 (nominated by Sally Oey)

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