New Books from the DRC Book Series!

Last fall, the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Book Series, part of the Digital Culture Books imprint of the U-M Press, had the pleasure of publishing its first book, Digital Samaritans  by Jim Ridolfo of the University of Kentucky. This summer, it welcomed a second, Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies, edited by James P. Purdy and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss of Duquesne University and Michigan State University, respectively. The editors write in their Introduction that “Over the past ten years or so, the infrastructures of writing have captured the attention of writing studies scholars, researchers, and teachers. This is not particularly surprising given the spaces in which most writing happens today: on screens, within interfaces, under proprietary (and, more and more, local and/or open source) programs, and across networks.” Purdy and DeVoss’s volume builds on these conversations by offering the first collection of work addressing issues of space design meant to inform decisions by the stakeholders teaching and administering in these writing center and writing program spaces. Chapters in the collection “address how architectural and technological needs […] are met and how they are rationalized within specific institutional contexts.”


Making Space is also the first DRC book to be simultaneously published in two forms – as an interactive webtext on the DRC site and an enhanced PDF on the U-M Press site. As the editors note in their Preface, this is a “rhetorical and strategic” decision on the part of the Press and the DRC to maximize sustainability and accessibility as well as interactivity. Stay tuned in January for our next dual-platform digital book, Rhizcomics: Rhetoric, Technology, and New Media Composition by Jason Helms of Texas Christian University.