Peer Tutor / Writing Consultant Alumni Updates

Thanks to all of the Peer Tutor and Peer Writing Consultant alumni who reached out over the summer to share what you have been up to.

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Alexander Gilbert • Cellular and Molecular Biology 1994
After graduating, I went to medical school at New York University and then did my advanced medical training at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I specialize in transplant nephrology and am an Associate Professor at Georgetown University and Director of the Transplant Nephrology Fellowship Program at the Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute.

Doug Bouws • Political Science 1995
Graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary in 2002 with Masters in Divinity. Spent 14 years NE of Sacramento as Pastor of Hospitality at Granite Springs Church. Now live near Grand Rapids, MI as a legacy gift coach/consultant–help non-profits market gifts in the Will to their most loyal donors. 

Christina Consolino • French 1995
I received my PhD in Physiology in 2003 and taught college-level anatomy and physiology until May 2019. My work has been published in Brevity Blog, Flights, HuffPost, Short Fiction Break, Tribe Magazine, and Literary Mama, where I serve as Senior Editor. I’m also co-author of Historic Photos of University of Michigan. I currently teaching writing classes through Word’s Worth Writing Center in Dayton, Ohio, and work as a freelance editor and writing tutor. In my spare time, I read, write, run, and spend time with my husband and four children. 

Robert Yoon • Political Science and Communication 1995
I was a peer writing tutor back in the 1990s when it was still called the English Composition Board. I am now a political journalist, having clocked more than 17 eventful years as CNN’s Director of Political Research. In that role, I mostly covered campaigns and elections, with a special emphasis on preparing for presidential debates and Election Nights. Now, I’m back in Ann Arbor as the Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism in the Department of Communication and Media. I teach classes on the role of the news media in campaigns and elections. My experience at Sweetland/ECB has been extremely helpful in working with students to make the most impact with their writing. Outside of the classroom, I’m also the host of a journalism-themed radio talk show on WCBN-FM called The J Word.

Brooke Ingersoll • Psychology 1996
I received my PhD in experimental psychology for UC San Diego in 2003. I am currently a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Program at Michigan State University, where I conduct research on the development, evaluation, and implementation of community-viable interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. I am a co-author of an evidence-based parent-mediated intervention curriculum for young children with ASD.

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From LHSP to LSWA: Name Change for Lloyd Scholars

In Summer 2019, the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program (LHSP) officially adopted a new name: Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts (LSWA). Lloyd staff, in consultation with students, chose this name because it better reflects the program’s mission and theme (“writing and the arts”). Yet we haven’t made this decision lightly. Since our program has a long history, starting with the Pilot Program (1962) then transitioning to the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program in the mid-90s, we decided to hold onto “Lloyd” in our new name in deference to this rich history. The new name both honors that past and more accurately describes the program.

LSWA continues to offer innovative writing and arts classes, student-led clubs, poetry awards, leadership opportunities, and an annual writing and arts publication. Most important, the community of first- and second-year students, student leaders, and RAs remains a close-knit, supportive, and diverse group, where students can be creative, whatever their major.

Sweetland faculty provides LSWA students innovative and interdisciplinary writing classes. In the fall term faculty taught a variety of LHSP 125 classes that fulfill the first-year writing requirement. Winter term courses include such old favorites as Writing and Movement and Children’s Literature, as well as new offerings such as Playwriting and Dramaturgy and “Event Zero: Writing into Mystery.” Another winter term highlight: LSWA will showcase artist-in-residence Carrie Morris, a Detroit-based director and performance artist whose work combines puppetry, multimedia, and experimental theatre. Additionally, LSWA is working with the LSA Opportunity Hub on developing arts and writing related internships with LSWA alumni.

To learn more about the program, please check out our student-produced video announcing LSWA’s new name.