Alumni Updates

Here’s the most recent alumni news sent in to us in 2020. All of our alumni updates can be found in the Alumni & Friends section of our website. Sweetland alumni, let us know what you are up to here.

MWrite Fellows Alumni

Mary Kruk • Women’s Studies 2017 • M-Write Fellow for STATS 250

I’m a PhD student in Psychology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State! I’ll be graduating in 2022.

Vineet Chandra • Public Policy 2018 • M-Write Fellow for ECON 101

I came back to the University of Michigan for law school. I graduate in May 2021, and I’ve accepted an offer to return to Boston and start work for a law firm.

Penelope Farris • Biomolecular Science & BCN 2018 • M-Write Fellow for CHEM 216

After graduation, I took a year to work at a management consulting firm that focused on promoting behavior change to improve the environment at corporations. I’m currently living in Brooklyn, NY in my second year of medical school at New York Medical College. I’m hoping to pursue psychiatry and I’m looking forward to rotations next year to get a flavor of different specialties

Charlie Ferreri • Biomolecular Science 2018 • M-Write Fellow for CHEM 216

Following graduation I took a gap year where I worked as a medical scribe for the department of pediatric surgery at Michigan Medicine. I then started medical school in the summer of 2019 at the University of Michigan. I am a current M2 who is looking forward to beginning clinical rotations and interacting with patients.

Abbie Barondess • Neuroscience 2019 • M-Write Fellow for CHEM 216

I work as a college adviser for the University of Michigan College Advising Corps at a high school in Grand Rapids. I work under the national College Advising Corps which is an Americorps program that seeks to increase the number of low income first generation students in higher education!

Robert Dalka • Physics 2019 • M-Write Fellow for PHYSICS 140

After graduating with my degree in Physics, I moved to the Washington, D.C. area to attend the University of Maryland in their Physics PhD program. I am a part of the Physics Education Research Group at UMD. My research focuses on understanding physics departmental culture, how this culture changes, and how students are included in these change efforts.

Camille Phaneuf • Neuroscience, Cognitive Science (Computation Track) 2019 • M-Write Fellow for BIOL 172

After graduating in May 2019, I moved to NYC to start my current position as a lab manager and post-baccalaureate researcher for Dr. Catherine Hartley at NYU. I study the neurodevelopment of value-based learning, memory, and decision-making using behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging methods.

Dominic Polsinelli • Neuroscience and English 2019 • M-Write Fellow for BIOL 172

I currently live in New York City working as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab at Rockefeller University. I’ll be applying to medical school next year.

Brandon Staarmann • Business Administration 2019 • M-Write Fellow for ECON 101

Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2019, I’ve moved to Washington, D.C., and currently work as a Software Engineer at Capital One at their headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

Sheridan Tobin • Public Health Sciences 2019 • M-Write Fellow for STATS 250

I’m a Genetic Counseling graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and will graduate in 2022.

Emily Africk • Statistics 2020 • M-Write Fellow for STATS 250

I am working as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC!

Amanda Bachand • Neuroscience 2020 • M-Write Fellow for STATS 250

Since graduation, I have been working in a middle school math classroom as a Student Success Coach with City Year Detroit, an AmeriCorps program focused on supporting students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District. I am also currently in the process of applying to medical school.

Jon Reid • History 2020 • M-Write Fellow for CLIMATE 102

I am attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania, and I live in Philadelphia, PA.

Benancio Rodriguez • Biochemistry 2020 • M-Write Fellow for BIOL 172

Since graduation in the Spring of 2020, I moved to Los Angeles to start graduate school at UCLA in the field of Molecular Biology.

Harry Wang • Engineering 2020 • M-Write Fellow for STATS 250

I am currently a Computer Science Masters Student at University of Pennsylvania.

Rachi Willard • Anthropology 2020 • M-Write Fellow for CHEM 216

I’m living in SE Michigan and working remotely in a social and behavioral sciences lab at the NIH. In January I’ll be leaving for Italy on a Fulbright research grant! While I’m there I’ll be doing ethnographic research in migrant welcome centers in Palermo, Sicily.

Peer Writing Consultant Alumni

Ana Maria Guay • Classical Languages and Literatures, minor in Translation Studies 2015

After U of M, I received an MPhil in Classics from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge scholar. Although I originally went on to graduate work in Classics at UCLA, my experience with Sweetland had made a life-changing impact. I switched my focus, received a graduate certificate in writing pedagogy from UCLA, and am now a full-time Writing Learning Specialist (including supervising our writing peer tutor program!) at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.

Minor in Writing Alumni

Kennedy Clark • Sociology 2017
Since graduating, I’ve student-taught in Ann Arbor Public Schools, tutored college writing, and completed my M.A. in Educational Studies from UM. I currently work as an Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator at Western Michigan University’s medical school.

Rachel Hutchings • Screen Arts 2017

Since graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and began a career in the entertainment industry. I currently work at Untitled Entertainment as an assistant to talent managers, where I help clients get cast in upcoming film and television projects, and provide feedback on current scripts in development. I still keep busy with my own writing when I can!

Meagan Malm • Business Administration 2018

My research paper stemming from my Wallenberg Fellowship was published by World Development Perspectives last month. You can access the article online through February 26th. I have a summarized version on my website.

Ashley Preston • Communication Studies 2018

Since graduation, I have been working as a Content Specialist at U-M in the Division of Public Safety and Security. In my role, I write web articles and develop social media posts and campaigns. I have most enjoyed learning ways to capture the stories of my colleagues to share with our community — as I’m sure you can imagine, public safety professionals do some important, thankless work. My MiW experience was very helpful in inspiring me to tell stories in meaningful ways.