Writing Prize Winners

Sweetland’s prizes for outstanding writing in First-Year and Upper-Level Writing Requirement courses consists of a monetary award along with their work published in a series that collects the prize-winning writing in two volumes, Excellence in First-Year Writing and Excellence in Upper-Level Writing. Writing Prize winners were recognized at a ceremony in April 2019.

Excellence in First-Year Writing book
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Excellence in Upper-Level Writing book
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First-Year Writing Prizes

Matt Kelley Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing

Kate Glad, “Chuck Too Close”
nominated by Duygu Ergun, CL122 

Aditya Ravi, “Lunchtime Epiphanies”
nominated by Genta Nishku, CL122

Excellence in Multilingual Writing

Xuanwen Huang, “Toyota Camry in China and the US: Same Name, Different Cars”
nominated by Scott Beal, WRITING 120

Zhiyao Zhang, “How Consuming Transgenic Food Would Affect Human Immune Systems?”
nominated by Shuwen Li, WRITING 120

Excellence in the Practice of Writing

Michelle Karls, “How to Succeed in Writing 100 Without Really Trying (Disclaimer: You Should Actually Try)”
nominated by Stephanie Moody, WRITING 100

Anonymous, “Who I Am and Who I Want to Be Cannot Connect” 
nominated by Gina Brandolino, WRITING 100

Upper-Level Writing Prizes

Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Social Sciences)

Samantha Goldstein, “Best Strategies to Increase Public Support for a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages” 
nominated by Aloka Narayanan, PolSci 381 

Henry Schnaidt, “Colonialism and Environmental Discrimination in the Asia-Pacific: The US military in Guam and Okinawa”
nominated by Omolade Adunbi, AAS322/Environ 335

Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Sciences)

Tim Arvan, “Climate Change Exacerbates Invasive Species Pressures on Michigan Prairies” 
nominated by Abby Potts, EEB372

Elizabeth Stanley, “Current research on exoplanets and the search for habitable worlds”
nominated by Jimmy Brancho, Writing 400

Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Humanities)

Verity Sturm, “Tinker, Tailor, Author, Masochist: The Ishiguro Novel as a Field Experiment in Pain”
nominated by Andrea Zemgulys, English 398 

Kelly Wester, “Bitchin’ About the Kitchen:  An Intersectional Review of Gender, Race, and Class in the Restaurant Industry”
nominated by Supriya Nair, English 407