2016-2017 Writing Prize Winners

2016-2017 Writing Prize Winners

Sweetland’s prizes for outstanding writing in First-Year and Upper-Level Writing Requirement courses receive a significant monetary award along with having their work published in a series that collects the prize-winning writing in two volumes, Excellence in First-Year Writing and Excellence in Upper-Level Writing. Writing Prize winners were recognized at a ceremony in April 2017.

Excellence in First-Year Writing book
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Excellence in Upper-Level Writing book
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First-Year Writing Prizes

Matt Kelley/Granader Family Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing

Serena Scholz “The Helsinki Waste Closet Incident” nominated by Louis Cicciarelli, LHSP 125

Bailey Stein “Coins” nominated by Carol Tell, LHSP 125

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Multilingual Writing

Xiaowei Ou “The Molecular Connection between Chemistry and Learning Astronomy” nominated by Shuwen Li, Writing 120

Fengyi Tong “Comparative Analysis of Two Print Advertisements” nominated by Scott Beal, Writing 120

Granader Family Prize for Outstanding Writing Portfolio

Stephanie Bloom https://stephaniebloomwriting1002016.wordpress.com/ nominated by Gina Brandolino, Writing 100

Miles Honey https://mileshoney.wordpress.com/ nominated by Julie Babcock, Writing 100

Upper-Level Writing Prizes

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Social Sciences)

Meredith Fox “Would You Know It If You Saw It?: Gender Differences in College Students’ Ability to Identify Sexual Assault” nominated by Kimberly Hess, Sociology 310

Michael Gawlik “Chapter 1: The Characters” nominated by John Carson, History 499

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Sciences)

Natalie Andrasko “Refugees struggle rejoining medical field after resettlement” nominated by Emilia Askari, Environ 320

Hadley Tuthill “Uncovering Food Insecurity Among College Students, a Tricky Population” nominated by Julie Halpert, Environ 320

Granader Family Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (Humanities)

Courtney Cook  “10 Months In Europe” nominated by Jaimien Delp, English 325: Art of the Essay

Claire Wood “On Nights Like These” nominated by John Rubadeau, English 425: Advanced Essay Writing


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