2014 Sweetland Fellows

The Fellows Seminar brings together Faculty (Senior Fellows) and graduate student instructors (Junior Fellows) from multiple disciplines who share a commitment to integrating writing in their courses. Fellows will: confer with local and national visiting speakers, learn ways of helping students become better writers, discuss concerns about teaching in the age of the internet, learn how to integrate writing in their courses, and examine approaches to incorporating writing across the disciplines. For more information visit the Senior Fellows or Junior Fellows pages on our website.

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Carol Bardenstein, Near Eastern Studies; Rachel Goldman, Physics;
Sara Konrath, Psychology; Simone Sessolo, Sweetland Center for Writing; Daniel Weissman, Psychology

Junior Fellows (Graduate Students)
Emily Goedde, Comparative Literature; Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, History; Dan Jaqua, Economics;
Elizabeth Mann, Political Science; Heidi Phillips, Chemistry; Katie Rosenblatt, History;
Rebecca Tutino, Toxicology, Environmental Health; Jessica Wiederspan, Sociology and Social Work